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Freeride Skistöcke

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In absteigender Reihenfolge

Freeride ski poles

To complete your equipment it is important to find the right freeride ski poles for you. OutdoorXL offers you a choice of different top brands and offers different types of materials freeride ski poles. For freeriders there are telescopic ski poles. These are useful when you go up the mountain and are collapsible during the descent so that they do not form an obstacle. A variation on the handle is the saber handle. A handle without a loop, but with a brace around the hand. The bracket can be opened halfway and you can always quickly release your ski poles. This is interesting in the case of an avalanche, this way you can quickly get rid of your ski poles.
For questions about freeride ski poles you can contact us during opening hours on +31 (0) 180 64 25 25 or email ski@outdoorxl.nl . Of course you can view and compare our freeride ski poles in our store in Barendrecht.